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"Russ Williams has led the charge at the Stock Exchange Veterans Charity Dinner Auction for some years now.  He’s a safe pair of hands and has helped us raise good sums of money from the Broking community to give to over 90 small causes and charities.  The bonus for us is that he does it with great style and, by MC’ing the evening, gives us all a bundle of laughs along the way.  If only I could remember the jokes In the morning!  A true professional."


Nick Bealer, Chairman

Stock Exchange Vets


"We were extremely fortunate with Russ Williams as we not only gained an outstanding auctioneer but also a first class comedian... Thank you for such a successful evening."


Danny Lee

Showroom Events Ltd.

My Success is Your Success


These are some commonly asked questions we hear when talking to potential clients for the first time. If you have others not covered here, drop us a line via our Contact form and Russ will be happy to get you an answer.


Q. Why hire a professional auctioneer? Our guy does it for FREE.

A. Just because they don't send you a bill, doesn't mean it is not costing you money.  A bad auctioneer will cost you considerably more in lost revenues than a professional's fee.  Your auction is very likely a major part of your annual fundraising goal.  Whether the auction goal is £10,000 or £10,000,000 you can't afford to get it wrong.  The saying is true, "You get what you pay for."  Gambling on the performance, advice and overall effectiveness of someone who dabbles in auctions is risky to say the least. Just because someone is "really charismatic person who knows everyone in the room " is not always the best approach.


Q. Will Russ help our committee with auction planning, in advance of the actual event?

A. Absolutely.  Russ feels it is in everyone's best interest to make sure that you are on the right path to raising lots of needy funds for your charity. Without advance consultation you would leave too much to chance.  Russ is available for client consultation on an unlimited basis.  In person, by phone, email or fax, Russ will make sure you have the answers you need to best suit your auction needs.


Q. When is the best time of year to hold a charity auction?

A.  Generally Russ books his auctions 8-12 months in advance.  That's not to say you can't book him on 2 days notice.  It has happened!  The bottom line is if you are having a charity auction, get your auctioneer signed before most anything else you need that night.  NOTE:  The busiest months for charity auctions are February - June and September - November.


Q. How many items should we have in our auction?

A. Russ has over 20 years experience at charity auctions and has written an eBook which contains all the do's, don'ts and tips for a successful charity auction, you can download your FREE copy here.


Q. What do you think about using local TV celebrities and Radio DJ's as auctioneer?

A. It's the old "Would you hire a lawyer to fix your plumbing problem?" issue.  Most broadcast professionals will be happy to help with your auction.  They generally do it out of professional courtesy and a genuine desire to help a given charity.  They will also tell you, many times, that you are better off hiring someone that really knows what they are doing.  A celebrity can be a great part of an event (maybe an emcee).  Depending on their stature, they may even be an event draw and sell a few tickets. Just don't confuse their talent for reading the 6 o'clock news with the ability to get top dollar for your live auction items.


Q. What is the difference between a 'traditional' auctioneer and Russ Williams?

A. Traditional auctioneers are generally classified as those who do car auctions, livestock sales, antiques, artwork, corporate liquidations, real estate auctions, etc.  Russ does not accept work in any of these areas.  Those traditional professionals will do a great job selling Aunt Daisy's collection of china after she's passed away.  Russ Williams combines his unique ability to have fun, make people laugh, keep the auction fast paced and not boring.


"Russ, quite simply you were brilliant, I have never watched an auction done so slick"


Ms C Jones

JG London Events

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